Diana, 17.
English is not first language so I'm in advance apologize for all the mistakes.
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tbh i think straight girls appreciate girls more than straight boys do

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some people actually noticed that benedict bends his knees so that martin can reach his face





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i wonder if my first follower still follows me

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Let’s go home.

this comes around every year and every year i cry

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Tom Hiddleston by Sarah Dunn

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/secrets i have held in my heart/

/are harder to hide than i thought/

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get to know: Natalie Dormer (insp.)

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While others in the mind palace, even Moriarty, communicate with Sherlock, Mary stays completely silent, barely moving but still intimidating. The room of the mind palace in both cases is a hall similar to where we saw John running in A Study in Pink trying to find Sherlock and save his life. Mary does the opposite in first: she stops Sherlock from finding something to fight the shock, moreover, he imagines her shooting him again in his mind palace, wearing her wedding dress and her ring. For the later “encounter” Sherlock places her in an open space so he can walk round her and see all of her but deduces nothing but the word Liar. Her most sacred truth in his eyes has become a betrayal (already reflected in how she is dressed as a bride as she shoots him) and now Sherlock can’t see whether even the slightest details he deduced about her before are actually true.

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Perfect is very boring, and if you happen to have a different look, that’s a celebration of human nature, I think. If we were all symmetrical and perfect, life would be very dull.

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Look what I just found!

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Life update

Guys, I finally become a student! And for the next four years I’ll be live in a dormitory (I hope that my neighbors will be great, but now I’m sitting alone in the empty room). image
And, of course, I always have my troubles (how could I forget that shit is always happens with me?) I’m here, but all my clothes will arrive for a couple of days later. And now it’s really cold in Moscow, and I don’t have any of my warm clothes. So I’m freezing.


But it’s still worth it. Because now I’ll be studying theoretical physics in the university I always want to. And this is the fact why this freaking cold bothered me less than it could be.

I take a first step to fulfill my lifelong dream.

And this is the only thing that matters.


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